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Bio:I don't own any of the pre-canonized characters in stories, but the original characters and all the plots are MINE.

The request is that nothing from my stories be taken and used for your own gain, profit, or to provide entertainment for others without gaining specific consent to do so from me (SPECIFIC consent). I put a lot of work into this writing and would be nothing short of heartbroken if someone was to use it for profit, notoriety, or to provide entertainment for others and then take all credit for their own gain. Please, respect my works and me as a dedicated artist.

My fan fiction is important to me and I want to preserve it...I really am scared that someone is gonna swoop in and steal it and I would be very, very sad if someone did.

I am an artist...I really don't want to be depressed because people seek to steal my work for their own profit...I write to help others or inspire them.

Please remember that and we'll get along just fine...also, review when you DETAIL.

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Summary: "It isn't the first time that New York and Miami have met to solve problems and it won't be the last." Teaming up with others to catch monsters make the chances of surviving even better than going at the search alone; there is safety in numbers.

Categories: CSI - General, CSI: Miami - General, CSI: NY - General, Crossovers > General
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Genres: Action/Adventure, Angst, Drama, Friendship, Romance, Suspense
Warnings: Death of canon character
Chapters: 9 [Table of Contents]
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Word count: 41297; Completed: No
Updated: 28 Jan 2013; Published: 06 Aug 2012

Summary: Alternate Ending to "Lost Son."

What would happen if things had turned out differently? Note: This is a parallel story with another story of mine 'Third Watch: After Time And Trial' that eliminates most of Season 5 of Third Watch (Except 'No More, Forever')and makes the finale and events happen in 2004.

If you want to read the parallel story, ask me.

Updated: 06 Aug 2012; Published: 18 Jan 2012